Progress On Two Race Triumphs

I have been working many of my evenings lately on getting Double Vision, my dual-engine 1955 Triumph, and Poison Ivy, my single-engine 1955 Triumph, rebuilt and race-ready for SCTA Bonneville Speed Week 2013. August is coming up quick. Both bikes have been totally disassembled, many components modified, rebuilt, or beefed up, and all 3 motors have had modifications. Double Vision is going together for the final time as soon as the heads get back on the motors, Poison Ivy is getting built up to fit the new sidecar and then torn back down for powder coat before final assembly.

These beauties just showed up in the mail, for Double Vision. An upgrade on carburetor technology with the end goal being more speed. Custom manifold comes next, among other things, stay tuned. - Tyler

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