Sumo's Panther Test Bike - The Pegacorn

doesnt look much [and its a few weeks old now] but this is the first day of the first test motor running

plan was to make 1 good motor with all the test stuff going on inside it then if it it works make 2 more for the twin engine bike. test motor is a "modern" engine being a set of 60's cases. the real race ones will be early 50s cases [they are essentially the same] so i drop into vintage class for bonneville so i am at least in with a fighting chance.

doesnt look much but theres a lot of work inside to try get this old long stroke thumper revving and performing a bit - lightened flywheels, rover piston, changed internal oiling, single piece pushrods, hot cam, custom cam followers, big breather, top pushrod adjusters, lightened timing gear etc etc.... revs a LOT more freely now.

starting with a massive 22.5 BHP its a mountain to climb, but its fun. i had it out on the road and got a gps indicated 75mph out of it [with a light tail breeze ha] so im pretty happy things are going in the right direction. next up, big valve head and nitrous i recon.. a panther on nitrous i dont think has been done... i guess im just not smart enough to know its a bad idea - blind optimism has got me this far...
- Sumo

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