Redliner Racer Intro: Tyler Malinky

This is my 1955 Triumph land speed bike. I started out building it as a chopper, but after hanging with friend and fellow Redliner Wes White of Four Aces, I started getting interested in giving land speed racing a go and changed direction. The narrow gas tank and shouldered alloy rims were already a good start, and the rest of the bike was built to meet SCTA rules, specifically for the 750 c.c. A-VG and APS-VG classes.

Prior to racing at Speed Week 2010 at the Bonneville Salt Flats I had no racing experience. My first bike was a 1970 Triumph when I was 18 (in the late '90s) and I was into vintage bikes and choppers, which led me down the path to vintage racing. I will be racing this bike in 2012 in addition to my newest bike, The Milwaukee Murderer, a dual engine pre unit Triumph land speed bike.

The Milwaukee Murderer... in progress. Mock up motors, exhaust etc. Will be done by end of June.

Two trophies for records set at Speed Week 2012. 750cc A-VG 117.108 mph average and APS-VG 116.171 mph. Top speed recorded was 120.9 mph.

Getting ready for a run at Speed Week 2010.

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