Redliner Racer Intro: Sumo

Sumo is currently building a dual engine Panther to bring to Speed Week 2013, as well as a single engine sprint bike to do some speed testing with. In addition to spending a lot of time in the garage and riding a motorcycle as his only form of transport around sunny old England, he is also the proprietor of VintageChop.com. In his words:

Anyone that knows me knows i have a pretty bad panther habit. I have a pretty stock panther, a chop, a trike, a dual engine, and a sprint panther. My panther model of choice is the M100. They were built by Phelon & Moore from 1932 to 1963 about 2 miles from my place of birth which is probably why i have a soft spot for them, and were renowned as one of the best plugging sidecar hacks.


With about 22BHP in stock form they don't exactly fly, but have tons of torque being a long stroke 600cc single. they plug along happily and bring a smile to your face. When I started building a bike for land speed racing it had to be a panther.... but they are just about the least appropriate motor imaginable. Better stick 2 together then if I want to stand half a chance of a record, how hard can it be... most people think its a dumb idea [can't blame them entirely] but it will put the biggest smile to my face if I can ever manage get "PANTHER" on the record page in the rule book in and amongst the big bike names.

The dual engine bike, Stump-Puller, is the bike thats salt bound with a couple of early 50's motors in it keeping me vintage class, and all things being equal it will be supercharged. I'm also putting together a solo sprint bike, Pegacorn. This bike will be used primarily to test any engine modifications on before duplicating it if its a fail. It will also fit onto the rolling road I have access to for tuning. Pegacorn will be used for some sprinting 1/8 and 1/4 mile racing while Stump-Puller comes together.


  1. Good old English nutcase !!! sumo is a diamond , good luck mate.

  2. Still reckon your as mad as a box of frogs mate, but fair play to ya and I'll take a fat bastid tee!

  3. wow, thats really cool. Never would have thought of a dual engine panther drag bike! I once thought about a dual Triumph Tiger Cub just because...